The Ming Diary

Ming is back


DSC_0711I maybe very old and a little blind and rather deaf but I am still full of life. It has been a few years since I put paws to the key board

Lets start from the beginning  for all those that did not follow my blog many years ago

I started my days in a card board box in a farm yard not far from Great Chalfield.  I was chosen from lots of little Jack Russell brothers and sisters as I was simply gorgeous with a turned up nose No one could resist me.

It was rather a contrast coming to live at the most beautiful  Manor in the world and from a very early stage I decided that I must be boss of this magic place. My new home was surrounded by gardens  for me to romp about in, my  bed was close to the aga where it was very warm and cosy surrounded by lots of people wanting to spoil me. I had arrived and I could see this was going to be fun.

When I was 3 years old I married a Norfolk terrier call Thomas, he was very special and we had 8 babies.  they were all born in an arm chair in  front of the fire, the perfect nest really.  I was a very good Mum and managed all on my own with only a little help.  All my babies were black and tan and brindle.  Not one white one.  they went to very good homes and I have kept in touch with one or two.  It was such fun that I met up with Thomas again the following year and had another 8 pups this time under Patsy’s computer so she would be around if I needed help.  They were also all brindle and black and tan. I decided to not give away Mertle, she was so adorable and stayed firmly by my side but a very sad thing happened when she was 6 months old a horrible man came into the court yard and stole her away.  They tried to take a black labrador called Magic but luckily she escaped. I decided that was the end of my breeding days but I have to say I was a very good Mum and when ever a dogs comes to stay I make sure I clean their eyes and ears which rather surprises them but they take it on the chin.

Through the years I have out lived 4 Labrador’s and now my best friend is called Orla  She is only 4 and quite spoilt but we make a good team.  We have 3 sofas to choose from and the fire is lit each day in our room where the grown ups work .  I don’t go for such long walks anymore but it is nice to go out and potter smelling every blade of grass receiving messages from all my doggie pals.  At the moment our drive is closed as the road men are mending a bridge.  This is wonderful as we dont have all those horrible cars driving far too fast. My way of slowing them down is standing in the middle of the road so they have to go around me.  I am sure they shout at me but as my hearing is not too good these days I pay no attention and carry on down the road with my tail held high.  My favourite walk is on a Saturday morning when the family walk us across the fields to the Field Kitchen in Holt. They drink their coffee while we get fed treats.  One of the girls working there is a fan and she spoils us rotten.  It is so warm and cosy and gives us a chance to dry off before we head home

Thankfully Orla and I never have to go away, going in a car means going to the dog doctor which I never enjoy even though they all know me and give me treats is is still very scary.  Orla makes such a fuss and has to sit on Patsy’s lap shaking like a leaf which is quite difficult when you are a labrador.

As I am sure you all know our doors to the public open  at Easter which is a  big excitement as Simon will be at the Meet and greet desk feeding us lots of yummy biscuits.  If Orla had her way, being the greedy labrador that she is, she would spend all day with out leaving Simon’s side.  It is a bonus for me as so many of my fans come to see me and tickle my tummy which I really like.  I dont like having my ears pulled It really annoys me!!  We spend as much time as we can around the garages where folk drink lots of tea, coffee and  the odd biscuit might just be dropped.  Jan Steele of TRUFFLEICIOUS cooks wonderful lunches for the visitors so this is a good place to be but sometimes we do get shooed away.

I love it when the movie cameras arrive.  I long to be in a film but for some reason they ask me politely  to leave the set   One year I managed to swim across our moat in front of the cameras so they could not send me away.  I think I am too old to do that now.  The stars love having me around so I have lots of tummy tickles and chats with them.  I do get cross when they bring strange dogs onto the set, one of them nearly bit me which was very alarming so I have learnt that it is better to be polite to them and not be too bossy

I was famous for a day, quite a few years ago now, as I managed to get myself into The Times newspaper, they obviously liked reading all about me, I do have quite a few fans around the world, some come and visit from as far away as Vancouver and California just to see me, I guess they do also see the magical house and beautiful gardens.

On Sunday 18th February we open the gardens to enjoy all the snow drops for the local hospice Dorothy House.  They do also have the most delicious teas and cakes.

I will try my best to keep you all informed about the goings on at Great Chalfield Manor so please keep reading




April 2018

DSC_0769At last Spring has arrived and I can go out side and enjoy the sunshine   Us doggies just love having sun on our backs and I can now potter around the garden meeting various visitors and hope that the children will stroke my tummy.  Today was very busy and even the blacksmith has been shoeing a couple of the horses which gathers a big audience of mostly children.  I just love to clean up after he has been but Patsy gets very cross if she finds me!!DSC_0785

The daffodils are out and the anemone blanda is like me and comes out in the sun   I just love spending an afternoon in the orchard mousing. It has been such a long wet cold winter and I have to admit that I have not been on many of Patsy’s wet walks  My legs are just too short and I do hate getting my tummy so full of mud. When Robert and Patsy were away Ali and Lucy took us accross the fields through the snow to have breakfast at the Field Kitchen This is always our Saturday treat but that day I could hardly move on the way home as the snow had stuck to my long coat. However Lucy gave me a very nice warm bath when we got home and we could spend the afternoon in front of the fire.

It is just so nice to have Simon back in charge of the greeting desk as he always brings us tit bits and doggie bones.  Orla hardly leaves his sideDSC_0019

I feel so sorry for the lambs having to be out in the wet but they seem to bounce back.  Sadly I really have not got the energy to play games with them anymore.  In the olden days they used to think I was a funny looking shaggy lamb and   wanted to play  I was the one who always ran away!!  I dont like getting old.  All those things I used to do   like climbing trees to get rid of the squirrels, swimming the moat and going on long walks. Oh dear but I have had a very good life and I can still be top dog even if it is just pottering around the garden and of course I will not give up our Saturday walk to The Field Kitchen even if Robert does have to carry me part of the way