Ming’s February



As you can see I am very much the boss of the garden.  This Lily pond is my drinking hole.  I really like the taste and now Orla copies me.  I just hope she does not fall in as you have to have a special knack.  I spend quite a lot of my day following Patsy around as she plans out borders and for some reason is replanting each border every few years so the visitors come and see what she has been up to during the Winter months.  I can think of worse ways to spend the day so I guess I am a very lucky little dog having the run of such a glorious garden

dsc_0196.jpgI am not one of those excitable terriers who like to go down holes, It just is not my nature, I do like to chase squirrels who are killing all our trees so there is a good reason to shoo them away.  Sadly my eye sight is not good enough anymore to deal with them.  In the old days I used to sit under the walnut tree in the garden all through September keeping the squirrels away from the tree so Patsy could pick all the walnuts. I could even climb trees in those days as I have extremely long toe nails to cling on with.  Sometimes I must have them clipped and I must say I do dislike this operation very much and make sure everyone knows it.

I am not very good on cold wet days.  My tummy is too low to the ground to escape the mud.  A friend  from Texas sent me a very fine red coat, at least that was what they thought.  Patsy seemed very pleased and put it on me when it was snowing so I set off in   to the garden looking so ridiculous and managed to get it off under a yew hedge  DSC_0214 I managed to bury it really deep down under the soft earth never to be seen again.  Phew, however another arrived in the post but I made such a fuss when it was strapped onto me that Patsy has given up on the idea.  I am just a Jack Russell not a wimp!!!

I have just arrived back from seeing my friend Annie who owns the best dog beauty parlour.  It is so warm and snug and I always meet other interesting dogs, however yesterday this huge, meant to be brave Alsatian made such a fuss and cried through out which was very hard for my delicate hearing.  I just sat on the table with my head held high hoping that he would see that it was all very calming.  I can now see out of my eyes a little better and enjoy the new look.

The full moon does very strange things to Orla.  She is quite scared of it and goes rushing off into the garden barking at it.  I try to tell  her it is harmless and lights up the garden for me but she does not understand my ways.  We have just had the blue moon – well that sent her whirling around the garden about 3 times barking her head off and making such a fuss.  I just thought it was rather beautiful and lit up the Manor.

Dont please forget that on Sunday 18th February we have the gardens open to see the snow drops and Winter colour in aid of Dorothy House Hospice.  The tea room will be open with lots of delicous cakes.  Orla and I will be there to greet you.  As you can see my friend is very beautiful and not scruffy like me


If you would really like to know more about my home please look at our web site





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