Ming March

Our snow drop day went really well and thankfully it did not rain so I could leave my cosy bed and go see everyone.  There seem to be a huge amount of feet every where Patsy said about 350 which meant I had to avoid 700 feet around the garden but usually they see me coming.


March has arrived with a blast and I am tucked up in my cosy bed not moving anywhere. Even going out side for a few moments is quite hard but so far we dont have much snow.  Orla has never never experienced such weather and loves to be out side skittering about but my poor old legs dont move so fast any more.

WE had a big day here last week with lots of people wearing medals and gold around their necks.  We were both very excxitied when the hall fire was lit and tables were laid as we love parties but sadly this time we were put firmily in our room with the fire stoked up for us and told not to join in.  I felt I should have been the one getting a medal but not to be this time around.DSC_0048 This is a photo of me attending a Christening. The God Parents and various guests were rather surprised when I walked up the Aisle and took my seat. One lady even said to the Vicar that there was a dog in the Church and she replied “Yes she is part of the family”  I firmly took my place at the Font so I did not miss out.DSC_0701We now have a copy of this very old Font in the garden. It was carved out of Bath Stone by a man in Corsham.  Patsy is thrilled with it and we all look forward to the day when it can be planted with lots of floaty plants.  The thought of being able to lye out in the sun again is very niceDSC_0387On dear March has got off to a very cold start.  My coat has come in very handy but I do love to escape with out it and roll in the snow.  All the horses are cosy in their stables, sometimes Orla and I can enjoy their feed that they drop while they munch away.  I dont think there will be many doggies going by today for me to join in on a social.  The bridge is still being mended so bliss for us not having to worry about cars rushing byDSC_0139Enough from me for a while.  I will be back on air as soon as there are some excitments to report.